I have been going in to the office once a week and I decided to pack my camera along this week in case I should see anything. I will say that I am generally more alone at the office than I am at home, so it is kind of nice aside from having to drive in light traffic.

Anyway, the subject that I found on this day was a deer hanging around the parking lot. There were actually several but this one posed for me.

I shot all of this from the window of my car as this guy tried to figure out what I was up to. He was probably thinking that the car was going way too slowly to jump out in front of.

He then turned to me and said something (below). Not sure what. Seems like a good picture for Carolyn to caption in one of her stories.

Nothing too special. Just some deer in the middle of the city. They are almost as numerous as squirrels and devour many carefully planted flower beds.

Thanks for reading.

14 thoughts on “Deer

  1. Nice shots. I remember driving at night in the hill country of Texas, and always worrying about hitting a deer. Like you say, they’re everywhere, and there were plenty of carcasses by the side of the road to remind me of hapless drivers who’d probably banged their cars up pretty bad.

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    1. Well, with humans driving out all other large predators the automobile has taken over the role of predator for the deer. The vultures are very happy about this as they don’t have to fight with the automobile over the carcass.

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    1. Thanks. I took that with a Nikon Z50 and the 50-250mm kit lens. The close-up was shot at 250mm (about 375mm full-frame equivalent) and I did crop a little bit. I shot this from my car window as I was leaving work. We have a lot of deer that roam around up there.


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