Beach Sunrise

Sunrises and sunsets on the coast can be fantastic because of the steady supply of clouds and the high humidity levels in the air. Tuesday morning I got lucky to catch a nice sunrise on the beach on the west end of Galveston Island Texas. The morning before, there were no clouds at all so this was my second attempt. I awoke a little after 6:00 and looked out the window and saw the high clouds. So, I grabbed my stuff and ran down to the beach.

Sunrise on the Beach
Sunrise on the Beach

The above photo is an HDR merge to catch all the colors in the sky. The sun rises a few degrees off shore so you get to look down the beach to see the sunrise.

One nice thing about sunrise is that the beach is mostly deserted. There are not many people on this end of the island anyway, but in the early mornings the beach is mostly empty.

Sunrise on the Beach.
Sunrise on the Beach

With the long stretch of sand there is little in the foreground for the image and it is all sky and horizon. I saw a woman sitting in a chair watching the sunrise and asked if I could include her in my photo and she agreed. So, in the below photo I included her.

A woman watches Sunrise on the Beach
A woman watches Sunrise on the Beach

Having the woman and the piece of driftwood in the foreground makes the photo much more interesting. In the above photo the sun is seconds away from peeking over the horizon just above the piece of driftwood.

That is sunrise from the gulf of Mexico side of Galveston Island. I have a sunset from the bay side the same day that I will post soon. It was a good day for sunrises and sunsets.

63 thoughts on “Beach Sunrise

            1. LOL! I knew there was a big plus to drinking coffee! In fact since I can’t magically transport myself to the ocean, like I said below, I am going to go get some coffee and soothe myself that way! Say Hi to the seagulls for me.

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  1. My heart! LOL!
    I really wish I could be Dorothy right now from the Wizard of Oz , click my heels together 3x and Voila. the beach would appear! With my luck though, I would probably end up somewhere totally opposite the beach. At least I can look at your beautiful photos and dream! ๐Ÿ™‚
    They are all so colorful and I do like how you added the woman and piece of driftwood to the last picture.

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            1. LOL! Don’t feel sad, for when I do make it to the beach, I won’t be sad about those who can’t be there. Unless they try to lay on the guilt, something I would “never” do! ๐Ÿ™‚ How warm is the water? Really cold, right?

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            2. You have to be careful. I try to get my beach vacation before August, but I am a little late this year. I am on the far west end of Galveston Island where there are few people. Galveston the city is quite crowded and might be nice on a different year. I have been to Corpus Christi and South Padre which are nice. I was in Pensacola Beach one year too. Galveston is not a bad drive for me, though, and there are lots of condos and houses to rent.


            3. Won’t be happening this year, will stick to OCMD this year, though we did think about a small beach in Delaware.
              Back years ago my husband and I had actually made plans to go to Galveston, for we heard that it was so nice. Then plans changed and we couldn’t go as early as we wanted. My husband worried about hurricanes so we didn’t go. Sure enough you all did have a hurricane there the week we had planned on going, which was in September.
              I wish we were closer than a 4 and 1/2 hour drive to the beach, but thankful that it isn’t further! ๐Ÿ™‚


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