Autumn Butterflies

These pictures are from a month ago. I kept them aside and intended to get to them, but I got busy with Big Bend plans. I took them while just hiking around the neighborhood park with my Nikon Z50, which I like to carry as it is a very light weight camera. There is a small area with several large oaks between the path and a flood control pond and it was filled with these white flowers and this attracted a lot of butterflies.

There were many butterflies and the afternoon sun was still providing plenty of light, so I worked on positioning myself with the light at my back and waited with the flowers in front of me for the butterflies to come to the flowers.

These butterflies seem to come through town, put on a nice show, and then are gone. But they are fun to photograph and I probably stood around in the flowers beneath the oaks for 20 minutes shooting photos as the passers by probably thought I was a little odd.

These photos were all shot hand-held with a Nikon Z50 and Nikkor Z DX 50-250mm lens. There was enough light to let me shoot near base ISO with a shutter speed high enough to avoid noticeable motion blur. I tried to keep clean backgrounds for the images so that the butterflies would be the strong subject of the photos.

Now the flowers and the butterflies are gone and with the time change the sun is setting much earlier in the afternoon and I usually have to go hike at dusk which makes it much more difficult to shoot photos. I do often have some nice morning sunlight though.

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24 thoughts on “Autumn Butterflies

            1. Oh cool! I was going to say that you should snap a picture but I didn’t think you had your camera.
              Well now I just might have to do a story on one. Though I don’t know …cows have caused me trouble and donkeys are known to cause trouble! 🙂

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