Beach Sunrise

I was at the beach in Galveston for a few days. The beach generally faces to the SouthEast so I planned on catching some sunrises. It turns out that the first morning I was there was the only morning that I would do this. The second morning was stormy and the third morning was clear.

But I did make it down to the beach about 30 minutes before sunrise at least once. The wind was blowing hard on this morning and there were a lot of low level clouds blowing in off the gulf. Unfortunately there were no high clouds to catch the predawn sunlight, but I stuck around. Below is an early photo with a 30 second exposure. It was actually quite dark and I needed the long exposure to get much light in the sky. This photo was actually taken 36 minutes before sunrise and you can see a lot of motion blur in the clouds.

There are a lot of yellow flowers on the dunes and I thought about trying to work these flowers in to the pictures but the weren’t very well lit with the sun behind them. It was also difficult to get a vantage point that left some sand in the shot so that you could get an idea of the beach behind them.

You access this beach by means of a long foot bridge over the dunes. I shot from various places along this bridge but wasn’t super happy with what I was getting. In the photo below I decided to look down the stairs and show it leading to the beach. There are some flip-flops in the distance as people often leave their shoes here before going out on the beach.

I waited around until the sun made it up into the low clouds and shot a few more photos with some light on the beach. The photo below was shot at 24mm and was taken about 13 minutes after sunrise. I worked on those flowers a bit in Lightroom and removed a piece of clutter.

I tried some photos down by the water, but I found that just the waves and sky were a bit too featureless.

There wasn’t anyone on the beach near where I was shooting. A couple of people came down the bridge to where I was to see the sunrise but they didn’t stick around long.

I came back with my camera in the afternoon the next day to see the flowers in the late afternoon light. It was a Monday and there weren’t many beachgoers to shoot around. Unfortunately there were no clouds on this evening so the sky is a clear blue haze. I stood farther back and shot this at 77mm to hopefully get the waves larger in the background. You may see a ship on the horizon if you look closely enough.

These are my beach photos for the most part. I was mostly there with kids and didn’t take a lot of time to get out and shoot photos.

Thanks for reading.

27 thoughts on “Beach Sunrise

  1. Nice that you can leave your sandals unattended and have them still there when you come back. (Hopefully). I think I was able to make out the ship on the horizon, but it’s just a tiny little bump. I like the stairs shot best.

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