2022 Calendar

I am making a 2022 Calendar to send out as Christmas presents. Nothing too fancy, just some of my favorite landscape photos that I have taken this year. I am focusing on Texas because that is pretty much the only place I have really been this year (and last year). I did a calendar last year and at least two of my relatives gave me positive feedback, so I am trying to do a better job this year. As far as I know, my other relatives threw them straight into the trash.

This year I am using an app from Bay Photo to put the calendar together. The app, called Bay ROES, is kind of limited in how I can edit the thing, so I have spent a lot of time in Photoshop adjusting the images to get something decent. I also included a portrait of me that I had done for work last year in case anyone forgot what I look like and needed an unpleasant reminder. Below is the front and back render.

So, I am here soliciting feedback before I place the order.

I would have placed this order a month ago, but I wasn’t sure about a couple of images in the calendar. I waited until I made another trip to Big Bend to see if I got any additional images that I wanted to put in.

First up is this image of some desert mountains in dawn light. I really like this image but perhaps I am biased. I have been told that maybe it is kind of plain. What do you think?

Next up is this image of a desert sunset. Again, it is one of my favorite Big Bend pictures but I have gotten a ‘meh’ reaction on it from others.

If I was going to substitute in an image from my recent trip it would be this one. It is kind of dark, but it is my favorite image of the expedition.

Anyway, the calendars themselves are not all that cheap so I have been waffling, but if I am going to get them sent out before Christmas, I probably need to order them now.

What do you think?

49 thoughts on “2022 Calendar

  1. I like the balanced rock better than June or November, but would probably use it to replace June.

    I made a 2022 calendar also, and used Vistaprint.com. I think it came out alright, but it didn’t have the tiny calendars showing the previous and upcoming months. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this until after I placed my order. So that’s going to drive me batshit crazy over the next year. I also would like moon phases. So if I make one for 2023, it will probably be with a different company.

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      1. Yeah, I don’t like that. I want all the options I can get. I’m going to shop around more, next year.

        It’s frickin’ expensive to make these calendars, also. I ordered 10 and it came to about $28 apiece. You’d think for that much, they’d offer more options.


            1. I couple of years ago I made a big mistake with my order and got a bunch of metal bowl shaped things with a bunch of holes in them. It wasn’t much help tracking the days of the week but it is useful for rinsing grapes and other fruits.

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  2. Well I see that I somehow missed this post yesterday. Must have been due to my sugar high from my birthday. LOL!
    No, I was just busy running around a lot yesterday.
    Anyway the balanced rock is my favorite from your trip too. I wouldn’t call your June pic plain. I may like the other pictures better but I still like that one and the yellow flowers it has. Its your calendar so it should be the photos you like the best!
    I think anyone should be pleased to receive your calendar. A great way to share the talented gift of photography that you have!

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  3. The calendar sounds like an excellent idea. I like the photo from your recent trip but I agree that it looks a little dark.

    Did you have any problems with the colour balance on the images when you created the calendar? I’ve had mixed success when printing – probably because I don’t pay enough attention to colour spaces and such like.

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