Some Galveston Wildlife

I wandered around and tried to take some wildlife photos when in Galveston one evening. I thought the sunset might be nice, so I headed down to the bay side of the island to see what was there. In the muddy flats along the bay were a bunch of Roseate Spoonbills, so I crept over and shot photos of them. They looked at me, but otherwise didn’t seem to care that I was there.

It was late afternoon with heavy clouds and this makes the pictures kind of dull, I think. But I warmed them up a little in processing.

The bay is very shallow and I see people wade far out in it to go fishing and they are only knee deep. In the image below you can see the spoonbills following an egret around out in the bay looking for food. They were on the edge of a very shallow area which gave them a nice reflection in the still water. But you can see that the evening is fading to gray so I didn’t have high hopes for sunset clouds.

I had to remove a bunch of insect blobs from these photos as they were flying around in front of my lens. I was wearing some insect repellant that worked amazingly well, so they didn’t bother me very much.

The sun did manage to get underneath the clouds for a few minutes as it reached the horizon and I had the opportunity to shoot some silhouettes against the yellow sky with the blue water below for contrast. Below is a pelican that was flying along the bay looking for dinner. I have a few other bird silhouettes, but I like the pelican the best.

And then there is this guy.

Shot in a wildlife zoo from behind a barrier.

10 thoughts on “Some Galveston Wildlife

    1. The park staff fed it with a long claw thing that they could grab chicken with.

      A couple of other people were on the tour. I seem to remember them having small dogs on leashes when we started, but I don’t remember seeing them leave with the dogs. Strange.

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  1. The spoonbills along the shoreline is great. Then the silohouette of the pelican is awesome, giving a peaceful feeling with the sun setting, and then …… BAM! Peaceful feeling gone! That is quite the close up.

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