Nice Sunset, Meh Foreground

Evening landscape photography is tough this time of year. The sun sets well before 6 PM and on a work day, that doesn’t really leave me any time to get anywhere for shooting photos. Thursday evening looked like a fine sunset opportunity, but I didn’t really have anything to put in front of it.

I went up into a parking garage that has a view of the western horizon, but found that I wasn’t quite high enough to see over the Neiman Marcus. I was also dodging a bright light shining in my face from the parking lot of a mini-bank. But this is where I was and I tried to make the best of the sunset. So here is sunset over Neiman Marcus in the Domain in North Austin.

Sunset Over Neiman Marcus
Sunset Over Neiman Marcus

The fire yellow sunset and the orange tinged clouds trailing off to the North were just begging for a picturesque foreground. But if you love department stores, highways, and power lines, this could be the photo for you.

In my mind, a sunset demands HDR because of the huge dynamic range that no camera can capture in one shot. So, I took three photos mainly to capture all of the light in the sky. I didn’t really worry about exposing the parking lot in the foreground. Below is the HDR merge.

HDR Sunset at the Domain in Austin
HDR Sunset at the Domain in Austin

I did enjoy the sunset, but wish that I had time to get out of the city to have something nice to put in front of it. I thought that there might be some nice color reflected in the glass-faced buildings behind me, but that never really developed.

Thanks for reading.

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