Austin in the Afternoon

I had Friday afternoon off, the weather was nice, and I needed to get out and do something. It had rained heavily the day before and I didn’t feel like getting muddy somewhere so I decided to go and hike around downtown Austin. The forecast originally called for heavy cloud cover so I had planned for some long exposures possibly in black and white to get sort of a minimalist photo of downtown. Don’t you just love weather forecasters? Check out the heavy cloud cover in the photo below.

Austin from the Shore of Lady Bird Lake
Austin from the Shore of Lady Bird Lake

The above photo was shot with a polarizer attached. The polarizer can cut down on bright reflections and haze and so the sky is a bit deeper blue and the leaves are a bit greener than without. I was trying to avoid having a harsh look that you might get with strong, unfiltered afternoon sun.

The below shot is from much farther down the trail looking back west. I tried to include some of the board walk. As you can see there is always lots of construction downtown. I think I counted at least 5 buildings going up. According to wikipedia Austin was a city of about 656,000 when I moved to the area in 2000. It is now estimated at about a million.

Downtown Austin from the Board Walk
Downtown Austin from the Board Walk

I don’t think I used polarization on this photo as the sun was to the right side and the polarizer would have made the sky uneven.

The next photo is from a different camera and lens. I really wanted a photo with the hiking and jogging trail in the foreground. I also like the idea of framing it with the trees plus I was shooting around something floating next to the trail that you can see through the rails if you look.

Austin Hiking and Jogging Trail
Austin Hiking and Jogging Trail

I enjoy the urban hiking even though there are a bit too many people and it is kind of a pain to find a place to park. Thanks for reading.

29 thoughts on “Austin in the Afternoon

  1. Love the beautiful blue “cloud covered” sky!
    The buildings make a nice picture, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I will take my small town any day! We visited NYC once and once was enough for me. I stood in times Square and felt claustrophobic with all the tall buildings surrounding me. I prefer the wide open country.
    So you didn’t bump into Myrtle’s mate at all on your walk by the river? It seems like she lost him again. 🙂

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    1. I saw a lot of turtles 🐢. In fact I took some photos of them but didn’t post them. They were all gathered up on tree branches and roots soaking in the sun. I didn’t ask any of them their names.


  2. It’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit, and now that one of my sons will be moving there, we will soon get the chance. Your photos make it look wonderful, and I hear the music scene is incredible, although it has been hurt by the lockdowns…

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