Some Fauna and Flora

I go out for walks in the early morning and sometimes bring my camera in case I find something to photograph. The animals are often more active at dawn and I can get some good shots. On Saturday morning I found a big white egret at the pond that wasn’t too afraid to let me take his photo up nice and close. I also found a big lost turtle sitting out in the grass while all her friends were swimming in the pond.

Great Egret at the Pond
Great Egret at the Pond
Turtle Looking Around
Turtle Looking Around

I am also trying to work on more artistic ways of shooting wildflowers. There are different wildflower that crop up at different times of the year so I get lots of practice on different subjects. This morning there were some white flowers that I thought I could do something with.

I patiently waited until the sun could get high enough to put a little light on the flowers and experimented a little. Below is one group that just managed to get some warm sunlight.

White WIldflowers in Morning Sunlight
White Wildflowers in Morning Sunlight

I found a lone flower and worked on getting it in sharp focus with the larger group creating a blurred background. This involved holding the camera an inch or so off the ground and focusing on the back screen. This turned out much better than I thought with the golden stem of the flower and the white petals being mirrored in the background by the out-of-focus bunch of flowers.

White Wildflower with Blurred Background
White Wildflower with Blurred Background

The above photo was shot at 115mm focal length (172mm full-frame equivalent). The longer the focal length, the easier it is to blur out the background on a close-up.

I don’t know what these flowers are called, but they make a good subject in the early morning sun.


14 thoughts on “Some Fauna and Flora

  1. those flowers are gorgeous- this is the first time i’m seeing this species, so it was nice to see them.
    T U R T L E!!!!!
    so cool!
    love always,

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