Building under construction Austin Texas Domain

Construction Site Photos

Across the street from where I work there is a building being constructed. I have watched them set up the large cranes and start laying down each floor of the building. It is still going up and I don’t know where it will stop. I thought that it might be fun to take some pictures up close to the naked structure and make sort of … Continue reading Construction Site Photos

Austin Texas Downtown wide angle

A New 14mm Lens

I got a new lens! I got a wide angle lens primarily for night sky photography. I wanted something wide and fast so I can get the dim stars across wide sections of the sky. The lens I purchased was the Rokinon SP 14mm f/2.4. There were lenses that are considered better, but they are more expensive. I researched, read reviews, and determined this is … Continue reading A New 14mm Lens

Georgetown Courthouse Christmas Lights

Georgetown at Christmas

Georgetown Texas is the county seat where I live and the county courthouse is usually decorated well for Christmas. I went down Christmas evening when there wouldn’t be much traffic and took some photos. Below is a two image panorama of the back side of the courthouse. I was across the street and my 24mm lens was not quite wide enough to take in the … Continue reading Georgetown at Christmas

Austin Texas skyline Lady Bird Lake dawn

Austin at Dawn

On a cold Sunday morning, I got up early and went to downtown Austin to try to get some predawn city skyline photos. It was a relatively clear morning and there was a parking garage that I wanted to try out. I like going to tall parking garages as I can just walk right in and take the elevator to the top deck and find … Continue reading Austin at Dawn