Fall colors in Austin Texas reflected in pond

In Search of Fall Color in Austin

In Central Texas, we don’t really get much of a fall foliage season. Half the trees, like Live Oak and Juniper, don’t even lose their leaves in the Fall. But, I did manage to see a little bit of fall color near where I work in Austin.  So, the next day I planned to bring my camera with me and walk around at lunch and … Continue reading In Search of Fall Color in Austin

iPhone 8 Plus vs. Nikon D5300

I recently got an iPhone8 Plus. My old phone had a lousy camera, so one of the aspects of the new iPhone I was excited about is the camera (or cameras). Specifically, is it good enough to be a casual walking around camera for when I am not lugging around the DSLR gear. I have considered getting a nice point-and-shoot, but with today’s phone cameras … Continue reading iPhone 8 Plus vs. Nikon D5300

Downtown Austin before dawn reflected HDR

Sunday Morning Downtown

It’s Sunday morning, the first almost cool Sunday morning of Fall, so I decided to head to downtown Austin with my camera gear just before sunrise and explore a bit. Sunday mornings are very peaceful downtown, and you can park where you want and have the run of the place. Mainly just joggers and a few guys like me running around with cameras. My first … Continue reading Sunday Morning Downtown

Close up of Colorado Bend State Park Waterfall

Waterfalls in Colorado Bend State Park

Saturday I took part in a landscape photography workshop at Colorado Bend State Park in Central Texas. I have been to this park several times as there are lots of nice hiking trails. There are also some waterfalls in the park, and this was the subject of the workshop. There is larger waterfall, called Gorman falls, on one end of the park, but we went … Continue reading Waterfalls in Colorado Bend State Park