Leander Texas

I live in Leander Texas, which is a suburb of Austin, so I take a lot of photos around town.  I can be a challenge making this suburb look very interesting, but I try to find ways to capture some good images.  The following are all pictures that I have taken around Leander.

The following pictures are from a roadside during wildflower season.  There were some horses in a field of bluebonnets.  I got down low so that it appears that I was down in the bluebonnets peaking at the horses.


I just liked the way these flowers looked next to the barbed wire.  21860917451_83a6308ef3_o

These images are also roadside, a rusty metal barn in the late afternoon sun and some longhorns facing away from me.  These images just look very Texas to me.DSC_0010_1_2_3



The Metrorail station in Leander on a Friday evening.

Nikon D5300, 16.0 mm, f/6.3, 1s


I like to try to take HDR sunset images.  Devine Lake city park in Leander is a decent place to catch a sunset and below are a couple of the pictures that I have taken from there.



And here is a duck from Devine Lake park.  It was taken with a 200mm lens at f/2.8.  I like the way the black duck in the background contrasts with the white duck.


Leander Texas, not a very exciting town, but it is where I currently live.

2 thoughts on “Leander Texas

  1. As a new resident of Leander, I really love seeing the beautiful local images. You have inspired me to try to get Lake Devine at sunset! I especially love the dichotomy of the ducks; representing foils is one of my favorite “gets”.

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