After a few days of rain and storms, I got out this morning to try to shoot all the yellow wildflowers in my town. I tried to remove most of the signs of being in town, but couldn’t shoot around everything.

Yellow Wildflowers in Leander Texas
Yellow Wildflowers in Leander Texas
Yellow Wildflowers in Leander Texas

These were all shot with a 24-120mm, f/4 lens with a polarizer. Leander is not a very exciting place, but all of these flowers are close to my house and easy to get to on a Saturday morning.

9 thoughts on “Yellow

    1. Thanks. I had a reservation to camp there last night with the kids, but it was stormy so I stayed home. Would have been nice if it have been clear with no moon in the night sky.

      I know you’ll have fun. I love hiking out there.

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  1. Yes, it’s been (and keeps on being) a good spring. The yellow wildflowers in your pictures appear to be greenthread, Thelesperma filifolium, one of the most common species in our area. The purple flowers are Texas thistles, Cirsium texanum.

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    1. Thanks, I am not very good about identifying the wildflowers. I find it very difficult to get a good picture of them compositionally speaking as it is hard to find a main focus point rather than just a mass of wild flowers. I have found a few places in Leander that I haven’t made it to to shoot. All this rain is interfering with my fun.


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