Rainy Day Close-Ups

Yesterday the weather was great, but I had a lot of work to do and didn’t get anywhere to shoot photos. Today, I have time but it is cloudy and rainy. So, for relief of boredom, I shot some close-ups of flowers with water droplets when it wasn’t raining. I thought that the rain drops on the flowers would make them more interesting.

A pink rose close-up

I used my manual-focus macro lens and it was kind of windy, so it took a lot of patience. I did some extreme close-ups in the center of the rose but I didn’t like the way it looked. I prefer the square-crop of the entire flower.

A pink geranium close-up
A pink geranium close-up

Shooting so close, you don’t get much depth of field to work with.

Julia Child rose close-up
Julia Child rose close-up

And those are the best photos I got from my bored rainy day shooting around the yard. Even though it is February, the roses are blooming like crazy.

All shots handheld with Nikon D750, Irix Dragonfly 150mm macro lens. Have a nice Sunday.

9 thoughts on “Rainy Day Close-Ups

  1. Beautiful flower shots, and I don’t need to drink coffee to appreciate them.
    I remember once taking similar photos of flowers, with a spray bottle to make the water droplets. It’s cheating, but it works.

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