Just a Bee

Sunday afternoon I went out and shot photos of some bees buzzing around some flowers in my front yard.


I think that these flowers are viburnum. It was quite breezy which made it hard to focus. I got as close to the bees as I could get without spooking them. My keeper rate was probably about 10% with these photos; there were a lot of blurry ones. As usual with macros, the depth of field is razor thin.

A Bee on a Viburnum
A Bee on a Viburnum

There were some on the mountain laurel, but they really had their heads buried in the flowers and all I got was bee butts.

Viburnum Blooming

Just an old shrub in my front yard that I thought was dead a couple of years ago but it made a come-back.

No bees or photographers were harmed in the making of this blog.

9 thoughts on “Just a Bee

    1. I am 51% sure that it is a viburnum because I planted it about 18 years ago and I somewhat remember it being viburnum. It got big and beautiful for several years and then a utility company just about destroyed it with all that right-of-was nonsense. I then cut most of it back and it has sort of lived a few years, but this year it is back in business and beckoning the bees.
      I guess it was a don’t bee as in don’t be stinging me. I am not very worried about bees. I have gotten into a few bee hives by accident in the past and gotten stung and bunch and it wasn’t so bad. I realize that it is worse for others though. I am afraid of certain wasps as I have had painful experience with them.

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful! I had never heard of that flower before. I am going to show my Mom your post, for she loves flowers and I am anxious to see whether she has heard of this one before.
    The bee is cute too. 🙂 Good job!

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