At the Disc Golf Course

We had storms most of the night, but when I got up this morning I still wanted to get out for a walk. It was sunny, cool, and breezy this morning so I took a walk, sometimes muddy, down at the disc golf course close by. I brought along my camera on my hike or this wouldn’t be much of a blog post.

This squirrel seemed to be recovering from the night’s storms by sunning himself on a tree branch. He didn’t seem to mind me standing there shooting his picture.

Squirrel Sunning Himself on a Tree Branch
Squirrel Sunning Himself on a Tree Branch

There are a lot of wildflowers out as it is still late spring here. I like the Mexican Hats in the top image as they are past peak bloom and seem kind of symbolic of the end of spring. I managed to make them stand out against a blurred green background.


I stood by the rain-swollen creek for a while. I saw a water moccasin swimming but before I could get a good shot he was gone behind a rock and just got the end of his tail. After a while, I did notice a frog sitting very still on some branches in the stream. He didn’t seem to mind me at all. Usually you only hear these things in the evening and don’t see them often.

Frog on a Log
Frog on a Log

I found that just standing near the stream for a few minutes would allow me to notice lots of things that I would ordinarily walk by.

My shoes are a bit muddy now, but I had a nice walk.

10 thoughts on “At the Disc Golf Course

  1. You are right , when is still there is so much we can see if we just open our eyes!
    Love the flowers and I have always liked frogs. My son loved catching them when he was little. Unlike Tippy I am glad you didn’t get a picture of the water moccasin. Snakes and spiders are something I really don’t need to see! 🙂

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      1. And let me guess you are going to try harder now to find one to take a picture of , right? Do you mind spiders? Wait, I think we talked about spiders before, you all have tarantulas down there, don’t you?


        1. If I found a neat looking snake 🐍 I’d shoot a photo of it. They stay away from people mostly, though I have seen a couple in that green belt area with the disc golf course.

          I have seen tarantulas 🕷 out at Big Bend NP in the desert. None around here.

          I wouldn’t post a snake just to creep you out though.


          1. Well if its a really pretty snake it may be okay. I know there can be some cool looking ones, thanks to my son. My poor, deprived son who has wanted a snake as a pet but Mom said No!
            But now as far as spiders go, there are NO cool looking spiders! And your little spider emoji is creepy enough! LOL!


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