Horsemint is a wildflower that is common around here. There are currently quite a few of them growing up among the thistles and firewheels and I see a lot of them on my walks through the park. I can’t resist taking a few photos of them, and you will see them if you keep reading.

Along the path at the park I usually walk there are plenty of these, mostly in the sunniest areas. The purple really stands out amid the other colors. Below is a horsemint that shot in the late afternoon. You can see how it is entirely lit with warm light from only the western side.

There was also a busy little bee on a thistle that I stopped and shot photos of. It was pretty breezy and a bit difficult to keep focus, but I took a lot of photos and this one was probably the sharpest and the bee isn’t buried head-first in the flower.

I tried to get a photo, with the expired thistle balls sort of blurry in the background for decoration and I like the way this turned out. I actually took this from quite a distance at maximum zoom, which helps to keep the background from getting too blurry.

If you shoot close to the flower, the depth of focus is reduced and the background quickly blurs away to a smear of colors (see below). This is nice for subject isolation. So there are different ways to shoot a subject depending on what you want.

And I saw a rabbit that seemed to have a damaged ear. He sat there chewing on some grass and let me photograph him in the evening sun.

Thanks for reading.

24 thoughts on “Horsemint

          1. Thanks, will visit his blog. I have always loved flowers. Grew up with them always around me for my Mom basically had a greenhouse in our house. LOL! She planted flowers outside too. Sadly she did not pass on her “green thumb” to me! Flowers come to my house and die! Though so far the flowers on my porch are still alive much to the surprise of my family.

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            1. My eyes popped open at 5:10 this morning, so I got up and went to see if I could have a good sunrise and then hiked among the wildflowers. Then I got home and drank a pot of coffee and edited my photos. So, I am happy.

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            2. In my household, I am often the only one out of bed before noon, so I get half the day in solitude and coffee. Most days that means working at my desk, but on Saturdays it can be whatever I want.

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    1. I shot this with a Nikon Z50 and did spend some time with the images in Lightroom. I didn’t have the camera set to make its own JPGs so I don’t have the out-of-the -camera pictures to directly compare. But I didn’t do much editing. Maybe boost the vibrance a little and bring up the shadows a little.

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