Two Random Photos

I have two photos that I recently took that I kind of like but I didn’t know what to do with. They aren’t part of a theme or anything, so I will just post them here.

The first one is a sunflower in front of the setting sun. I tried to line up the sunflower with the setting sun, which was very difficult with a long lens in the breeze. I was trying to get the sunlight halo around the edges of the plant and flower petals, which I kind of got, but the flower is not directly in front of the sun. See what you think.


This photo was exposed for the sun so everything else was in deep shadow and what you see is what I was able to pull out of the photo in Lightroom. I kind of like the warm and dark mood of the photo.

Next, I took an extreme close up of a dragonfly again. The picture turned out so good that I had to post it. The dragonfly was perched on a blade of grass with the morning sun shining on it. With the bright morning sun I was able to dial the aperture down to f/9 and get decent focus depth and I think I got a lot of good detail on the bug. You can count the hairs on his back.

Dragonfly Close-Up

He let me take all the photos of him that I wanted. I usually see these white striped dragonflies on the ground where they kind of get lost in the ground clutter. It was nice that this guy perched on a blade of grass so I could blur a bit of the background.

That’s my two random photos. Thanks for reading.

60 thoughts on “Two Random Photos

  1. A beautiful sunflower photo! I agree with you about the warm and dark mood. Its unique, compared to the bright sunflower pics one usually sees.
    Great close up of the dragonfly too! So how many hairs did you count? πŸ™‚

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            1. LOL! Lucky you! I am still anxiously awaiting getting my hair cut!
              My hairdresser still hasn’t reopened and I really don’t like going to new places BUT …. I may just take the chance, for my patience is about at an end.

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