Sunset at a Foot Bridge

I went back to my foot bridge and tried to make a nice sunset photo. There were a few high clouds to catch some pink-orange light from the sun. But the light didn’t last long. I tried to shoot at an angle that gives a view across the bridge down the path but still incorporated some sky through the trees. You will also have to forgive me for making a cell tower disappear.

Sunset at a Foot Bridge
Sunset at a Foot Bridge

HDR merge shot at 16mm focal length.

Also, I have a picture of one of my dogs that I like. She was sleeping with her head off of the bed and just a beam of morning sunlight cutting through the tree in the backyard and through the window. It made for some nice natural vignetting, though I added some of my own as well.


She does enjoy sleeping over in the corner by the window and she lets me know when a package arrives.

Thanks for reading.

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