Big Bend Framed

You may have seen this picture on one of my blog posts about my trip to Big Bend National Park in October.

I was really pleased with how this image came out and I was offered a free 20×30 print from Precision Camera for taking place in this workshop, so this is the image that I chose. I thought that the print turned out nice as well so I had it framed as I have been wanting to do something substantial with some of the best photos that I have taken. Precision Camera also offers matting and framing so I returned to have this done. It took quite a couple of weeks to get it back but I now finally have the finished product. I mounted it on a wall to take a picture of it. Just taking clean picture of this picture was no easy task as I had to manage the reflections in the glass. You can still see the hint of a ceiling fan in the glass.

I haven’t decided where its permanent place will be as I am currently rearranging some of the rooms in my house. But perhaps it will be the start of a trophy wall for me.

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