29 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

          1. Aren’t you kind! I guess my “candy coffee” wouldn’t be as bad for me if I only drank it on my birthday and Christmas! But …..
            I hope your black coffee is as perfectly strong as you want it today. πŸ™‚
            No shoofly pie, though I really should make one! Its too bad that I just can’t go to a coffee shop and order one!

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            1. My daughters and I have a tradition of always watching the Polar Express on Christmas Eve night with hot cocoa. We did that last night even though they are 17 and 19 now. It is is a nice tradition and I look forward to it all year.

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            2. I have a sentimental Christmas gift tradition that my kids used to roll their eyes at but now they come to expext it and I can tell it means more to them, or they just know their Mom is crazy. I buy them a toy from their past or book that they had loved as a child,, with a special note atrached about why I chose the gift. The first time watching them open the gifts was so funny for you can imagine how much a 14 year old girl loved unwrapping a Barbie! LOL! Or my son unwrapping a stuffed animal.:)

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            3. They may roll their eyes but they secretly treasure these traditions. I love making memories for my children to have in years to come. I am sadly transitioning to empty nester though.


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