A Photo per Day for a Week

I decided to try making myself take a photo every day for a week. I didn’t really go anywhere special, but I just wanted to keep busy shooting pictures and trying to make the best of my surroundings. I shot these photos on my morning and evening walks around the neighborhood and parks. So there aren’t really any scenic vistas from some special location. So, here is what I came up with.

Day 1. I saw a spiderweb in a tree coated with water droplets and I thought that it made a cool image with the dark green backdrop. I stood pretty far back and used a long zoom so I could really blur out the background. I guess the spider had already moved along.

Day 2. A close up of a bluebonnet. I worked hard to get the background the way I wanted it with just the right amount of blur. I also debated over how much of the stem to include. Not much editing here; this is how the camera saw it.

Day 3. Another flower close-up, but this turned out kind of different. There are several thin blades of grass blowing in the breeze and blurred in the background that create a strange pattern. I kind of liked it so here it is.

Day 4. Below is a pond at the disc golf course. Many discs have met their demise here. I noticed the late afternoon sky reflected in the water so experimented until I found a pleasing angle.

Day 5. I shot some flowers from behind some grass and got the following photo. It is like a green filter has been applied, but this is right out of the camera. The grass is very close to the lens and completely blurred out.

Day 6. Bluebonnets in front of a tree that I have previously shot in the fog and snow. I kind of waited on this shot for a day when I had some sunlight. There is a stand of trees behind me and the shadows are about to cover the bluebonnets.

Day 7. I chanced to see a rabbit hiding in the brush beneath the trees. He looked at me for a few minutes while I took his photo. It was rather difficult to get the autofocus to find him through the leaves and twigs.

That was a fun weeklong project but it did get to feel a little bit like work.

All photos shot with Nikon Z50.

19 thoughts on “A Photo per Day for a Week

  1. That’s a good photo of the rabbit. Sometimes I’ll change to one-point focus if I’m trying to photograph a bird in shrubs, shooting through fence wiring, and so on. If I focus on the eyes, it usually works out pretty well.

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  2. I like the “green filter” shot through the grass. That’s an interesting effect, which I might try myself, sometime.

    I think the danger of any hobby is in doing it too much. Anything becomes work when done too much. Except napping.

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  3. Now those bluebonnets actually look blue. 🙂 Lovely!
    I am reallly glad that the spider was not in your picture. When I started to scroll and saw a bit of the web, I thought Oh dear I will speed by this shot. LOL!
    The water shot and the flowers with the green filter are my favorite. You will have to use that some more. I think the rabbit was hoping that you had a carrot.

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