Wildflower Bloom at the Refuge

It has been difficult to make time for hiking recently, but I managed to get out Thursday night. There are a lot of wildflowers in bloom as well as the prickly pear cactus. There was even a small amount of water in the creek at the Balcones Canyonlands wildlife refuge.

The cactus were in bloom and nice to see, especially amid all of the yellow wildflowers. The first picture shows a bloom with a heart-shaped piece of cactus in the background. The second image below shows all of the wildflowers blurred in the background.

After so much of the refuge was burned in the last year or so, it was nice to see it covered with green grass and dotted with wildflowers for the spring.

Thanks for reading and looking.

42 thoughts on “Wildflower Bloom at the Refuge

  1. I like your heart-shaped cactus pad. I had one of those appear on my prickly pear once, and it was great fun. Like you, I’ve been unable to get out recently, but this is the weekend — before the rain sets in again.

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          1. I varnish the wood on boats — occasionally inside, but usually outside. I used to do more sailboats than power, but my customer base has shifted, and now I do mostly trawlers. I taught myself the trade about 30 years ago, and still enjoy it.

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  2. What beautiful places, not to mention green places, you visit Jason. I wish there were places like this around here. Or maybe there are but I just haven’t visited them. That heart shaped cactus is like a four leaf clover I think. It’s rare when you find one, glad you caught it on camera. As always, your photos are simply marvelous!

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  3. Ahh, great pictures again. Glad you were able to find time to enjoy the outdoors again. Another dirt path leading to wherever my imagination goes. But the heart shaped cactus is my favorite! I love all heart shaped things. 🙂

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            1. I’ll get it started for you:

              It was a nice afternoon in the countryside. The yellow flowers along the trail were blowing gently in the breeze. Suddenly there was a puff of smoke and a confused and disheveled-looking woman appeared holding a cowbell and a shoo-fly pie…..

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