The River is Full

We got a lot of spring rain and the river is temporarily full of water. I went down there hiking with my daughter and her dog and she wanted me to shoot some photos of her with the dog. As she sat on the river bank with her dog, I liked the way the sun lit up her hair from the back so I shot pictures of her almost directly in to the setting sun. Ordinarily, this is a terrible way to shoot a photo of someone as the sun dominates the photo and makes their face look dark, but with the shadow and highlights sliders at their extremes in Lightroom, I think that this photo turned out pretty good.

I got the warm highlights in her hair, the sunlight shows up well across the landscape and you can still tell it is a person and a dog. Ironically, the intentional landscape photos that I took all turned out to be crap, so I am posting this. Happy summer.

8 thoughts on “The River is Full

      1. You are welcome and sounds like a good plan to go back down to take more pictures. I probably don’t need to say what I was thinking when you said that your other pictures were “crap”. I may have been disagreeing in mh head. LOL!

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