Stormy Overlook

It was a stormy afternoon and I went to the overlook at the Warbler Vista area of the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife refuge with hopes of shooting dramatic clouds. The overlook is high upon a ridge and it is covered, so I wasn’t worried much about the rain. It is kind of a muddy and rocky road up to the overlook, but it wasn’t too bad to drive. This is a nice place to catch a sunset on some evenings and I have even seen the Golden-Cheeked Warbler for who this area is named on one occasion. On this afternoon I mostly had the place to myself.

I shot a few pictures and as I did I heard a very loud chirping. I was hoping for another Golden-Cheeked Warbler, but it turned out to be a female cardinal in the trees nearby. She stayed around there chirping for quite a while in and out of the branches and I finally got her sited for a photo. A few minutes later I figured out what she was chirping for as her mate arrived. I didn’t get much of a shot of her mate as he stayed deep in the trees, but they had a quick conversation and left.

I did manage an image of two of the sky, like this image below with heavy rains on the left side of the picture over Lake Travis. I kind of like this view as I think that the highway curves go well with the curves in the lake.

For the most part the clouds were not nearly as dramatic as I had hoped. As the rains passed by, the sky began to transition to a more uniform gray. I probably edited these photos darker than usual as I wanted a gloomy and somewhat harsh look to them.

The rain stopped and I took a muddy hike not wanting to waste a trip out to the refuge. I didn’t really find anything to photograph on my hike, but I enjoyed it anyway.

29 thoughts on “Stormy Overlook

  1. I also like dark and foreboding clouds; but it looks like the sun was starting to peek through and ruin such a feeling πŸ™‚

    and the cardinal is my favorite bird; too bad the male stayed mostly hidden…

    glad you enjoyed the hike…

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  2. I like the dark, foreboding clouds, but I wouldn’t want to see them if I was out on the lake.
    Cardinals are great birds to photograph, especially the male. I see he isn’t as cooperative as the female. Hmmm…. makes sense. LOL! I would like to see a Golden Warbler sometime.
    Glad you enjoyed your hike.

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