Stormy Day – Great Sunset

After hiking around Inks Lake State Park on a stormy day, I was about to head home when I decided to stop at a part of the lake shore that faces west and have a last look. The sun began dropping out of the sky just over the horizon, so I set up for some photos.

In the photo below, the reflection of the sunlight seems makes a beam of light that shoots across the water and lights up the rocks below. I stopped at this place because I knew these rocks were here and I wanted them in my foreground as they sort of point to the setting sun this time of year. I was lucky that there were no speed boats around to chop up the water so I could get this effect.

After the sun set, I was worried that the clouds on the distant horizon would block the rest of the light, but after a few minutes the clouds all began to catch fire in the post-sunset light. I was like a kid left alone in a candy store at this point rapidly taking photos, checking the image, and shooting again to make sure I had it. I generally tried to keep the horizon centered as I wanted as much reflection as I had sky.

There are even a few kayakers out there looking at the sunset, but they are barely noticeable. There are no HDR tricks in the above photo; that is really what it looked like.

This was very much a summer sunset and only available this time of year, which is one reason for going out to the lake on this day. As you can see from the Photopills app shown below, on July 5 the sun sets across the lake from this point and on December 1, it is farther south.

After a spectacular sunset, the light began to fade and I went home happy.

Thanks for reading.

15 thoughts on “Stormy Day – Great Sunset

  1. those are some spectacular shots; now I can see why you like to have some clouds when taking such pictures. I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret that Photopills app, but if it shows where the sun sets each day and how that changes, that sounds pretty cool, and I may have to get that app…

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