The Sun Sets Somewhere

Sunday afternoon and time for a hike. I headed to Inks Lake State Park this week as the weather was nice and I wanted to walk those trails again. Either my memory is wrong or they have added a hiking loop. I had hiked the trails across the main road before, but then they had them closed for a while. Now that they are open again, there seems to be an additional loop or they have divided the old loop in two. I don’t know but I hiked out there.

First you have to hike back to the main road and get across it near a curve. But the speed limit is 45 MPH on the road, so the cars and trucks generally go no faster that 70. I wouldn’t do this with small children. Anyway, the hiking trail continues on the other side of the road up into the granite hills. It is some climbing and rough stumbly trails, so I would call it moderately strenuous. The views aren’t spectacular but you can see the lake and a lot of prickly pear.

I messed around down by the lake a while. Set up and shot photos of a tree in the water that turned out awful. Then shot photos of some geese that really didn’t turn out well. I don’t think the geese photograph well under cloud-cover.

I then wandered back around the lake and found a place to consider. I could see out to part of the lake and there was some orange light happening on the horizon, so I took out my phone app to see what to expect.

Sunset was still an hour off, it was going to be a bit west of where I wanted it, and the clouds were thick. But I kind of liked the framing. So, I logged it away in my brain and went to another part of the park.

As the sun was about to set, the clouds seemed to be opening a little, so I decided to hike back down to this spot. The sunset’s appointed time came and I assumed it was setting somewhere behind the clouds and hills. The sky was gray until about 10 minutes after sunset so I headed back up the trail to my car. When I got within sight of the parking lot, the western sky began to light up orange. So, I jogged all the way back down the rocky trail to the spot.

The photo above is at 24mm and the photo below is at 35mm focal length. Not sure which works best.

There was still some color in the clouds to the west when I got there though it didn’t quite extend all the way across. I was hoping for more color reflected in the lake. This might be a good spot for earlier in the winter when the sun is setting a little farther south. It helps if you imagine the sounds of multiple geese honking in the distance when you look at these photos.

For editing, I added contrast to the sky to bring out cloud texture. I selected just the land and desaturated it quite a bit as it was too green for what I wanted. I selected the water and tried to bring out the color in the highlights. Globally, I increased saturation of the reds, oranges, and yellows a little. I think that is about like I saw it while listening to half a dozen geese honking.

That’s Inks Lake. It’s close by and enjoyable hiking, but not super scenic. Thanks for reading.

27 thoughts on “The Sun Sets Somewhere

    1. It does rely on the compass in the phone being accurate, which it mostly is but it isn’t perfect. You can calibrate it, but I haven’t tried to do this. I mainly want a good idea of where the sun it setting and it doesn’t have to be perfect.
      If you were using it to predict moonrise at a specific place for a long-lens photo, you’d want it to be as accurate as possible.

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  1. “The Sun sets somewhere..” a very true fact. šŸ™‚ Glad it wasn’t elusive for you. The sunset photos are beautiful, I think I prefer the 2nd sunset pic but they are very close. Listening to the geese honk in my mind adds to the beauty. I liked the prickly pear photo too.

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