Woodpecker and Cactus

I had just started my hike when I heard a thumping up in a tree. Looking up I finally saw the little woodpecker making all the noise. He was mostly in sunlight so I shot some pictures. I did have to try to wait until he wasn’t pecking. You can see a little motion blur in the first photo below.

Ladder-Backed Woodpecker

These things are pretty common around here and I often hear them off in the trees somewhere pecking away. I do like his red cap.

Next is a scene that I have tried to photograph numerous times and I don’t think I have ever gotten it right. When the low sun is back-lighting a prickly pear cactus, the needles pick up a golden glow from the sunlight that outlines the rest of the prickly pear. I have found that this doesn’t show up well in photos, which is very disappointing because it is quite striking in person. Below is my latest attempt.

I put a lot of work into the highlights of the above photo in post processing to try to give them a golden glow like I see with my eyes. What do you think?

Next is a close-up of some prickly pear side lit by the last of the sun light coming over the hill. I thought the shadows might make something interesting. I don’t know.

Anyway, the first bluebonnets of spring are showing their blooms, so I’ll be out looking for them.

iPhone picture

Thanks for reading.

24 thoughts on “Woodpecker and Cactus

  1. That woodpecker looks a lot like the woodpeckers in our area. I think you did a good job of sussing out the golden glow of the prickly pear. The glow draws my eye and makes the photo look interesting.

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  2. I see that I am late finding your post again. Fortunately the leprechaun revealed it to me today.
    I love the red cap of the woodpecker too, just don’t like hearing them early in the morning!
    I like both photos of the prickly pear and the golden glow. The first one is a more subtle, warm glow but the second one has a mysterious feel to it. The magical prickly pear.
    Yes, spring flowers makes me smile.

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      1. They are magically delicous! But no, they aren’t any good once the marshmallows are gone.
        The leprechauns come out on St.Patrick’s day you know. Maybe you scared them off. Guess they can give your pot of gold to me.


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