Waiting for Spring

It’s not spring yet in central Texas, but it is getting close. It’s early March and I am anticipating wildflower season. But the plants have not awakened yet.

The Indian grass has gone from gold to brown and the only green to be found is on the Ashe Juniper. The dead colors and threatening sky didn’t seem to dissuade many hikers on this Sunday morning. I passed dozens of people on my hike, even on the less frequented back trails in the refuge, but I was still mostly alone.

I was searching for something to photograph, but I was never sure what exactly, and I don’t think I found it. I stopped in several places and studied this and that, but nothing really stood out to me. The stepping stones across the creek and the trail heading up bank always seem like a photo to me, but I never really get what I want out of the photo. I even tried standing on some rocks in the middle of the creek to get a shot.

I was there for about 3 hours and I hiked every trail, but I didn’t feel like leaving. But, eventually I had to go and get my chores done. Hopefully the paintbrush and bluebonnets wake up soon.

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