Reflections at the Lake

Sunday was a beautiful late summer day here in central Texas – the kind we often get in the middle of winter. The sky was spotless and there was very little wind, so I headed to Inks lake for some hiking and maybe some wildlife. Sundays the lake is generally full of people, so I didn’t count much on wildlife. But I hiked around the lake almost to the bird blind and back and had a good time anyway.

On the way back to the parking area, as the sun neared the horizon and golden hour was at its peak, the lake became calm and almost mirror smooth. The people had mostly gone in, the birds were being still, and the scene begged to be photographed. Below is a single photo shot at 24mm and cropped to a panoramic aspect ratio. If you look you will find an egret and a couple of geese on the rocks across the water.

This is a 20s exposure with an ND filter on the lens to further smooth out the water. You can see the yellow grass and trees near the water that have lost their leaves glowing in the late afternoon sun. The trees on the hill above are mostly live oaks that keep their leaves all winter long.

I really liked the shapes of the leafless trees on the shoreline reflected in the water, so I changed to a longer lens and did a close-up. In the time it took me to change lenses, the light had diminished a little and so image isn’t quite as golden.

The photo above is only a 1.3s exposure, but as you can see the water was very calm. It is also a crop to get the sky out of the reflection as it was too bright.

There were a few birds standing about on rocks in the lake and I took a few shots, but it was getting kind of dark and the photos are a bit noisy. They also have a few turtle friends to share the evening with.

I was going to get back in the truck and begin heading home, but I noticed a few clouds showed up in the western sky just as the sun set. I headed down to the lake shore and tried to get some shots with the pier in the distance. The sunset was OK, but nothing amazing. I know you can barely make out the pier and I tried a tighter shot, but it didn’t look very good as it lacked the high clouds.

I looked at the sunset until the clouds went grey and headed home. That’s an evening at the lake in the depths of our brutal winter. Thanks for reading.

25 thoughts on “Reflections at the Lake

  1. Great shots. I love the turtles and geese together on that little rock.

    We haven’t had many of those beautiful “late summer” days this winter. Instead we’ve had one storm after another. But we can use the rain, as it gets the politicians and bureaucrats worrying about other things besides water shortages.

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      1. I was born and raised in this state, and it’s been drought or flood for as long as I can remember. That’s why so many Californians wear shorts. You get tanned legs when the Sun’s out, and you’re able to wade through the high water during floods.

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    1. Thanks! I kind of passed by a gap in the trees and saw the reflection and immediately had to set up and shoot photos. I wish there was a quaint old cabin across the lake to finish the image, but you get what you get.

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  2. Wow! Tbe reflection of the trees in the water is an amazing shot. I enjoyed the geese and the turtles too. Wonder if Myrtle was there.
    We hope to go back to Inks Lake when we come back.
    “Brutal winter??” …. Yes, I don’t know how you survive those “freezing temps”. LOL!

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      1. I will have no problem thinking of you all dealing with πŸ”₯ HOT 100 degree temps when I am sitting under the tree, with a cold drink in the beautiful 80 degree weather this summer.
        In August just pretend that the temps are in celsius, it may make you feel better. πŸ˜‚

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