Patiently Awaiting Spring

Not sure I have a lot to say about these photos except that I took them on a hiking excursion while I am waiting for spring to bring the landscape back to life. The grasses are mostly dormant, but the live oaks still have their leaves.

We haven’t had much real rain this winter, so the creek is mostly dry as it has been since summer. Below is just some trapped water that can’t flow downstream and will eventually dry up unless we get some rain. A spring that feeds this creek is not flowing right now.

Some of the plants don’t mind the drought so much and are still quite happy. I wish I had noticed and removed a couple of stray pieces of grass from this plant before shooting the photo.

I was hoping the horizon would take on a nice orange glow after sunset like it often does on a clear day as I think that it makes for a nice silhouette. But, no glow today. I hope the people in the two airplanes above smiled for me.

So, that’s it, just some photos I liked from a hike with no real theme. Thanks for reading.

22 thoughts on “Patiently Awaiting Spring

    1. Thanks. I love a good silhouette. On a particularly cool, clear day, when the atmosphere is right, the horizon takes on the color gradient from orange to deep blue just after sunset and I was hoping for that as my backdrop.

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      1. And I had to go ruin it! I don’t know near as many plants and flowers as my mom, but I do believe I am right about that plant being a yucca one. Tippy called it that too, so I must be right.
        I had coffee on my mind before which explains the “Java” typo ☺

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