Bluebonnets at Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock is a good place for a hike if you are in central Texas. It is a state park built around a massive granite dome that people seem to enjoy climbing. Most weekend days, the park is at capacity and you can’t get in without a reservation. The park is kind of remote and a long drive, so having a reservation is a good idea before you head out there. Below is a photo taken from the park entrance showing the rock with dozens of people walking up it.

When I was out there last weekend, the wildflowers were blooming so I set about shooting photos of them. I hadn’t realized it but this park is full of wildflowers in the spring. I guess this was my first time visiting this time of year. The bluebonnet is sort of a symbol of Texas, so I set about shooting it with some different backdrops. The below photos show some bluebonnets with Enchanted Rock in the background and some wildflowers among the prickly pear.

After hiking around the park for a while, I headed up a mostly dry creek bed as that is where I expected to find more wildflowers to shoot with the rock in the background. I came across some weathered logs in the creek bed that I thought would make for a good photo. The difficult thing was using a long enough focal length such that Enchanted Rock didn’t look to small in the distance. I don’t love the dark water pit in the lower right corner, but I think the photo has a nice mood to it.

What I was really looking for was a more dramatic picture with the bluebonnets and I searched for a while as the clouds were periodically blocking the sunlight. I decided on the scene below and spent several minutes trying some different angles and waiting for sunlight. Below is probably my best shot. What do you think?

Everything was shot hand-held with a Nikon Z50 and kit lenses. Thanks for reading.

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