I Flew Off to Shoot Photos

I flew off somewhere to try to find some things to shoot with my camera. I haven’t had a lot of time to be online or write about it all, but I am having a good adventure and loading up my data card with images. And I have my fancy new green backpack that I previously wrote about and it is serving me well. I will post more in a few days when I can get it all together and write something coherent – and if I don’t get lost in the weeds somewhere along the way.

And I promise I will have a lot more than bird photos at some point as well, though I do enjoy the birds if I can get them to face the rising sun rather than just show me their tails. I waited this guy out for a while.

Thanks for the read, and I will see you soon. For now, here is a picture of an old wagon wheel with a rainbow in the background that I took and really like for some reason. Please forgive my heavy-handedness with the clarity slider.

10 thoughts on “I Flew Off to Shoot Photos

  1. I won’t get tired of bird photos! They are all great. The first one is my favorite. I bet your arms are worn out from flying.
    Glad you can put your fancy backpack and camera to use. Look forward to lots of amazing photos, no pressure. 😉

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  2. Birds are fun, challenging and just nice being out in nature. When I lived in West Texas I don’t recall much of nature, except for whatever small sparrows might have been around. Capturing those guys coming and going are always fun.

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