This page is dedicated to photos that I have take around the city of Austin Texas. These photos are mostly taken around downtown.

Downtown Austin before dawn reflected HDR
Austin Texas skyline Lady Bird Lake dawn
Austin Texas skyline at dawn

Photo from Doug Sahm Hill with compass. This was shot with a 14mm lens at sunrise.

Doug Sahm Hill Park Austin Texas at Sunrise
Nikon D750 + Rokinon 14mm f/2.4; 14mm, f/20, 1/50s, ISO125


The below photos were taken from the Pfluger pedestrian bridge which offers a nice view of downtown along Lady Bird Lake. I like to take long exposures from this location just before sunrise when there are some interesting clouds in the sky to get nice reflections on the lake.


Below are some shots that I have taken from a parking garage overlooking downtown from the North East. I go to this location for some sunset photos and to get long exposures of the car lights on Interstate 35 in the evening.


Below are some photos that I have shot around the state capitol building.


And the Austin Central Library



I will add to this page as I do more photo shoots around Austin


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