HDR Sunset in the Park

It was a nice evening and there were high clouds in the sky, so I decided to go down to the park and take some HDR photos of the sunset. These photos are all multiple exposures processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photomatix Pro. My histograms ranged between these extremes:

Here is the first shot I took from across the lake. I have noticed that as summer fades and we move toward the equinox, I have to go farther down the shoreline to get the sunset over the lake and I am about to run out of shoreline.


I noticed these purple flowers and got down kind of low to try to get them in the shot with the sunset. Turned out OK with the reflections in the pond, I think. As a bonus, I also got bit by a few dozen mosquitos while standing here.DSC_0027_28_29_30_31-2

After the sun went below the horizon, these high clouds turned orange from below. I tried to capture them over the trees.DSC_0072_3_4_5_6

A lonely park bench beside a tree, just need a model. Earlier in the summer I sat here to take these photos, but the sun has moved South.DSC_0077_78_79_80_81_82_83-2

6 thoughts on “HDR Sunset in the Park

  1. These type of HDR shots are quite the commodity in 3d animation and gaming using PBR (physically based rendering) and image based lighting. It makes the props or characters come alive. Nice work.


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