If you travel much in the western part of Texas, you will see lots of windmills. There are the old windmills that pump water for livestock and the new large electricity generating windmills.

I thought it would be fun to try to capture both in one shot, with the older rusty windmill in the foreground and the larger new electrical windmill in the background. I saw an opportunity to do this on a drive recently.

Old and new windmills in Texas

Old and new windmills in Texas

I liked this scene, but there were a lot of foreground trees and some power lines to shoot around. This was private property, so I shot this from the road. I would have liked to get closer and try a different composition, but I am not a trespasser. This is a 200mm telephoto, the longest lens I have.

I like having the old shed and cistern in the picture. I would have liked to get down lower, or maybe try to frame mainly the blades. I drove around a bit more and didn’t really see any more promising opportunities.

I try to carry my camera bag with me on any drive through the country and keep my eyes out for an opportunity.

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