Flowers and Wire

This spring in central Texas we have had a wildflower season that keeps giving. Everyday I drive home from work and see things that I want to shoot.

Wildflowers and a Barbed Wire Fence
Purple Wildflowers and a Barbed Wire Fence

Not far from my home in Leander, there is a large patch of wildflowers that keeps getting better. I went over to this spot Tuesday evening to see if I could do anything with the purple wildflowers. There is also a barbed wire fence and a busy highway (US 183) in the background. I tried to shoot around the highway and wait for lulls in traffic as I wanted these photos to look as though they were taken in the country instead of in the middle of a city.

I shot close up on this flower at 65mm focal length so I could soften the background and include the fence line to run to that tree in the distance. I was hoping that the shady area would allow the foreground purple flowers to stand out. There is a busy road beyond the tree and I waited patiently for a break in traffic.

Wildflowers and a Barbed Wire Fence
Wildflowers and a Barbed Wire Fence

I wasn’t really equipped to shoot birds, but this guy, a mockingbird I think, kept hanging around so I knelt down behind some flowers and shot. I also spooked a rabbit. Just over the horizon is a really ugly hotel being built and I tried hard to keep that out of my photos.

Wildflowers and Bird on a Barbed Wire Fence

I can’t identify all of the wildflowers, but they are making for a magnificent spring show around here. It must be a good time to be a bee.

Red and Yellow Wildflower
Red and Yellow Wildflower

Everything here was shot hand-held using a Nikon D750 and 24-120mm f/4 lens as that’s all I felt like lugging around.

That’s my quick blog for this Wednesday. Been very busy with the end of the school year, especially with a high school senior with severe senior-itus right about now. Thanks to Steven Schwartzman for encouraging me to get out and shoot the wildflowers.

Purple Wildflower
Purple Wildflower

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10 thoughts on “Flowers and Wire

  1. I agree with Tippy–those are great shots. The purple flowers are Texas Horsemint. The yellow and red are Indian Blankets. They are both blooming here, too. I was on your very highway last night (US 183), but 160 miles north of you. I stopped to look at a large Live Oak in between Cisco and Breckenridge. I’m planning to go back and take pictures soon.

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  2. I’m glad you listened to Steve~these are lovely shots. I particularly like the first one looking down the line of the fence, the way the flowers are composed. I was thinking the purple one looked like the horsemint I’m currently working with here, but wasn’t sure. Thanks to Nowhere Tribute for identifying it 🙂

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    1. It is really not easy to photograph wildflowers. They all kind blend together and make the photo distracted. I try to isolate one or two, but struggle with a decent composition.


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