Photography from Home – Rain

Been mostly stuck at home for 3 weeks now, just like most other people. But at least it is raining most days to keep me in the house. Maybe I am going stir crazy but, I thought that raindrops in the bird bath with flowers in the background would make a nice photo. So when it was only lightly raining, I put a towel over my camera and we out back to get my feet all wet.

I tried to find an angle that would put the flowers in the back mostly out of focus as, aside from my rose bushes, the back of the house isn’t that beautiful. I focused in on the bird bath and took several pictures to get some rain drops hitting the water.


I didn’t do much to process these. The shutter speed was only about 1/250 s for the first one, which was enough to capture the droplets mid air. I didn’t get as much background blur as i wanted but the roses still look OK. The roses and the grass have really responded to the rain.

The wildflowers have also really enjoyed the rain. Below is a paintbrush that I took a close up of while out hiking at Balcones Canyonlands several days ago when it was nice and sunny.

Indian Paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush

I did listen to the Beach Boys while processing these photos to set my mood. Not sure it worked against the steady rain. Hope you like my photos.

In a couple of months the rain will be gone for a long hot summer and I will look back fondly on these times.

How are you dealing with the staying at home?

14 thoughts on “Photography from Home – Rain

  1. Thanks for braving the rain for us. Cool idea with the birdbath!
    Ahh! The Beachboys! That was one of my husband’s favorite bands when he was younger. He got me into them and still really emjoys them. His taste in music is a very broad range!

    Listening to music is one way to help me from going crazy! Writing stories is another! πŸ™‚ But today its not a story, its a game I posted, you will have to give it a shot. Might help your sanity a tad bit and hey you may win a prize. πŸ™‚


  2. I love fast-lens photos of water splashing, so I enjoyed these shots. I’m dealing with staying at home, the same as always. Nothing much has changed. But that’s good, because I’ve heard that there’s a deadly virus out there.

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  3. These are fantastic. Living in these little rural communities, as long as we stay away from each other we don’t have to stay home. I’ve been visiting cemeteries and other outside places where others don’t go. Outside social distancing is the best.

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    1. My county is not very hard hit. But, what I am not sure about is how much testing has been done. There could be 10 times as many cases as have been reported. I don’t know, I am just trying to play it safe because I can.

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  4. My “grass is always greener” reply is this: I somewhat envy those of you this respite. I’m still at the store every day, making money, getting out of the house, but also risking exposure and not “getting to that list.” I should count my blessings, Jason. Instead, I’m counting yours. 🀷

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  5. Having such a keen observation is a truly a gift. I think this post is a reminder for all of us to take time from our hectic days to observe the beauty in our surroundings.

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