Easter Isolation

The Easter experience is usually getting together with family, eating too much candy, and going back to work the next day and trying to fend off all of the extra candy that everyone brought to work. 2020 is going to be an odd-ball year for this and so many other things. For Easter, I woke to a thunderstorm at a little before 6:00AM, worked around the house much of the day, and when it got late in the afternoon I went hiking.

I went to my usual nearby place, Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge. All of the State Parks are closed. I went out Friday evening with my daughters and saw something that I wanted to come back and shoot. The burn that was done out here at the beginning of the year really changed the place quite a bit and has me seeing a lot that I hadn’t seen before. So, it was down the trail, across the stream, through the thicket to the place I wanted to shoot.

Stone Path Across the Creek

There is an old stone wall that I had never noticed before. I think because it was hidden by the dense brambles and grasses that were burned off. I went to the old stone wall and found a few wildflowers to frame in the foreground. I hope the wall in the background makes the photo more interesting. The first image below is my favorite of the day.

Wildflowers and an Old Stone Wall
Wildflowers and an Old Stone Wall
Wildflowers and an Old Stone Wall
Wildflowers and an Old Stone Wall

An Ash Juniper tree shows the damage it took from the burn. Don’t worry, these trees reproduce like weeds and their pollen irritates many a nose in these parts. I was mainly interested in the stones and Indian Paintbrushes at its base. A nicer tree would have made this a good picture.

Indian Paintbrushes and an Ash Juniper
Indian Paintbrushes and an Ash Juniper

Below are a few shots of the wildflowers among the stones. You might find a big bee in one of them.

Indian Paintbrush Among the Stones
Indian Paintbrush Among the Stones
Indian Paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush

At least the wildflowers were celebrating Easter. Bing visual search identifies this as Allium, but I don’t know for certain.


That was my isolated hike for Easter. Have a nice week.

20 thoughts on “Easter Isolation

    1. Just watch out for all the stones amid the grass. It is very rocky. It is beautiful out there as there has been a lot of rain this spring.

      Thanks for the nice comments as usual. I hope El Paso is keeping safe.

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      1. Thank you Jason. As for El Paso keeping safe, we’re on an uptick of new COVID19 cases every day. The stupid people here are getting others sick, they aren’t taking this seriously and that pisses me off 😡
        Stay safe Jason.

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  1. The first 2 pictures are my favorites. I always like reflections in water, no matter if it is a muddy creek or a clear lake. Thanks for taking us along on your Easter hike.
    I went on a walk with my daughter for the weather was beautiful. Was great until I stepped backwards over a little slope on the ground and twisted my ankle. At least we were near the end of our walk and hey I can still type, with a hurt ankle. 🙂

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    1. Sorry about your ankle. Glad it doesn’t affect your typing.

      I like water reflection photos as well. Water is not always easy to find around here. The state parks are closed and I dare not go down to Austin.

      Thanks for the nice comments.

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  2. Just thought I would let you know that Anna came back last night. I know you may not like to hear that being what she did to the “chicken man”……she is pretty much in isolation though.She is turning over a new leaf….maybe she can become as sweet as a flower.


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