Dragonfly Close Ups

It must be dragonfly season if there is such a thing as there are plenty of them around these days. I wandered around in my front yard and took a few photos, partially out of boredom because my internet equipment decided to die on me. The other part was fun. I saw a purple dragonfly perched nicely and ran in to get my camera and it was gone, but I found some others like this one perched on a blade of grass.

Dragonfly Close Up
Dragonfly Close Up

This one below was perched very still on a twig and didn’t move very often.

Dragonfly Close Up
Dragonfly Close Up

But occasionally he would turn his head and look at me, which startled me at first looking through a telephoto as it made his head look completely different in the light. Anyway, it made for a funny picture. These two photos were taken 2 seconds apart.

Dragonfly Close Up
Dragonfly Close Up

These things have some fascinating eyes if you look in closely. I am not sure what they can see with them and I don’t know if it was looking at me or just looking around.

This was all shot hand-held with a Nikon Z50 and 50-250mm lens. Thanks for reading and leave a comment below.

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