The Damsel and the Dragon

On a bored Friday morning, I sat in the back yard drinking coffee (black, of course) and noticed a lot of damselflies in the grass. So, I ran in and grabbed my camera and watched and waited. I had to wait until they could get a little sunlight so their bright colors could really show up. Here are a couple of close ups of a greenish one and a blueish one. And yes, I need to mow my grass.



And for comparison, below is a dragonfly that I recently shot while out on a lunchtime walk.

Dragonfly on a Twig
Dragonfly on a Twig

Damselflies have a long slender body and usually rest with their wings folded behind them. Dragonflies are a bit fatter and have their wings out when at rest.

Happy Independence Day.


28 thoughts on “The Damsel and the Dragon

  1. What..? No Salted Caramel Latte? Or there is French Vanilla Latte too?
    But in spite of drinking bitter black coffee….you did get great shots! Love that shade of blue and really like the dragonfly shot as well.

    Liked by 1 person

            1. And you dared to end her winning streak last night? Oh the nerve! LOL! I think the poor girl deserves a consolation prize!
              Battleship is another game I haven’t played in a long time! A game I always lost at too. Now I lose at card games and Scrabble.

              Liked by 1 person

            2. If you all wouldn’t have such good eyes, I wouldn’t have a problem! 🙂
              I think you need a rematch today, so that your daughter can regain her winning streak. 🙂


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