Sunset at the Firehouse

This picture happened because I was afraid there was going to be a nice sunset and I had no where to be to photograph it. I drove by this relatively new firehouse near my house and decided to try to frame it with the sunset.

Leander Firehouse at Sunset
Leander Firehouse at Sunset

There was a flag pole that I was just unable to figure out how to get in the shot. So, I ended up on the sidewalk out front and tried to get the fire engine and main part of the building in. One of the fire fighters came out curious about what I was doing and asked if I wanted the door shut. I wanted the fire trucks in if I could get them.

I was thinking that this was going to be a bust, but the clouds began to turn orange so I started shooting. The sky is a bit hazy, so in post I did work a bit on those clouds to bring out some texture and color.

Leander Firehouse at Sunset
Leander Firehouse at Sunset

These are both HDR merges shot at wide angles: 21mm for the first photo and 16mm for the second. The wide angle makes the far horizon appear much smaller that it is, but there are houses back there and even a high school. The clouds were not as spectacular as I would have liked, but I kind of like the foreground subject and may come back to this.

Thanks for reading.

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