What’s On My Roof?

Sunday afternoon I sat in my chair reading a book when I heard what sounded like little footsteps over my head. I then heard them again, so I went out to see what it was. I was hoping I didn’t have a critter in the attic and it was just something on the roof. When I got out front, I saw the culprit come running down one tree and shoot up another. She then sat on a branch and watched me carefully.

She made a motion for my bird feeder, but then thought better of it and headed up the tree.

Perhaps she then scampered up to Pennsylvania and got into one of Carolyn’s stories.

113 thoughts on “What’s On My Roof?

  1. LOL! She is a pretty speedy squirrel to make it to Pennsylvania as fast as she did! She has such a cute face with thoae big innocent eyes. πŸ™‚
    Perhaps in December you will hear reindeer on your roof. Be sure to snap a picture of them!

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    1. In my experience, squirrels aren’t very interesting to talk to. Always discussing which trees are better for nesting versus finding nuts. Or which bird feeders regularly stocked and are easier to loot. Or trying to subtly lead you away from their stashes of food. And they really don’t like dog owners anyway. The point is, they really aren’t much for philosophizing or hashing out the events of the day.

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        1. Well, it all started when I was just a boy. I was born into a very poor wealthy family in one of the smallest big towns in the state. We lived in a very nice little run-down neighborhoods with a lot of majestic little trees. My dotingly apathetic parents would send me out to climb trees all day to look for potatoes and carrots. The rest of the story writes itself.

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          1. I see. Why don’t you just stay where you’re at while I make this phone call. And while I’m on the phone you can try out this nice white jacket. You may notice it’s a little different, because you have to put it on backwards.

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            1. Jason has apparently forgotten the helmet too! Now that he might have a special jacket I probably have no chance of him finishing my helmet! He was supposed to make me one to protect my head from all the ….smacking…!


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