Some Sunflowers

This post is just some photos of sunflowers in the evening sun. These were taken in the city park where I walk in the evenings.

The first two were taken with a telephoto lens which makes for a lot of background blur.

For the next two photos I put a manual prime lens on. This is a 25mm lens from Meike that cost less that a hundred dollars, but it has no electronic connector to the camera so it is manual focus and manual aperture, but that isn’t a big problem. I put this on because I wanted to get up close to the flowers as the wider lens has a much shorter minimum focus depth.

I tried to put a flower directly in front of the sun for a sun backlit sunflower, but then I noticed the sun getting through a tiny gap in the petals. So I dialed the aperture down and tried to get a sun star in the flower. Shooting into direct sunlight kind of hazes out the colors, but it is a nice effect anyway.

Thanks for reading.


28 thoughts on “Some Sunflowers

        1. I have seen videos with people doing this sort of thing in photoshop with rays of light in the dust and such, but I guess I enjoy the photo taking experience more than the photoshopping experience. I usually just import into LightRoom and make sure the exposure and white balance is where I want it. I might occasionally go make a few other adjustments to remove something I don’t want, like a piece of trash.

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          1. Well there’s no good substitute for the real thing, so you did a great job of capturing that sunburst, in my view.

            I’ve occasionally cleaned up a photo, too, by removing something extraneous. I think it’s pretty cool that this can be done.

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