The Missing Armadillos

My blogging friend Carolyn is in town and I took her and her family on a hike to find armadillos. Not sure why she wants an armadillo, but I try not to pry into other people’s business too much. I do know a few good places to find armadillos that aren’t dead on the side of a road. I have hiked the riverside trails at Colorado Bend State Park several times and nearly every time I do, I see a few armadillos wandering across my path or playing in the leaves along the side of the trail. So, I thought “what better place to go armadillo hunting than Colorado Bend.” Below is a photo of an armadillo that I took out at Colorado Bend State Park on one of my previous visits. Isn’t s/he cute?

But alas, we hiked seven or eight miles of riverside trail and did not see a single armadillo. We did see multiple uninteresting holes in the ground along the trail that hinted of past armadillo activity, or so I said to sound like I knew what I was talking about. But I could sense her disappointment in my armadillo tracking abilities. She may have even begun questioning her belief that the creatures (or my sanity) actually exist. And she even concocted a story about the creatures hiding in a far off land. One thing was certain however, one of Texas’ most famous critters and least famous photographers had let her down.

I did take her and her family to a place with hundreds of beautiful butterflies all along the river with their colorful wings fluttering in the sunlight. But this did not seem to impress her.

We then came across a heron fishing in the low river bed. I even let her hold and peer through my precious camera to inspect the bird from afar. But this also did not impress her.

And even though I also took her down a road with cows on it, and showed her a large field full of ostriches, and led her to a nice coffee joint, her disappointment in the lack of armadillos was palpable. I pictured her riding back home, sipping her highly sweetened coffee drink in a pall of sadness and disappointment. The only thing I can think to cheer her up might be to send her back to Pennsylvania with a puppy from the shelter where my daughter works. Awww, look at those cute puppies!

So if you come across Carolyn’s blog, stop in and cheer her up, reassure her that armadillos do exist, and encourage her to take a puppy.

47 thoughts on “The Missing Armadillos

  1. Maybe if you take her to the dry cleaner’s, they’ll impress her.
    She’s from the land of Punxsutawny Phil. So perhaps the lack of armadillos presages a long, Texas winter.
    Instead of hunting armadillos, perhaps she should curl up with a good book.
    A love the blue heron photo, though. See, at least I have some gratitude for your endeavors.

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    1. Haha! The hike was much more exciting than going to a dry cleaner’s, smartie! And I am not wallowing in disappointment. I did actually curl up with a book yesterday. As Jason said we walked around 20, 30 miles. I may be rounding up a bit.
      The blue heron and butterfly pictures are really good, but even better to see up close and through his magic camera. It was a heavy camera in comparison to my cell phone camera.

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      1. Those are Texas miles. Everything’s bigger in Texas, so you have to use a conversion scale.

        But I’m glad you’re not wallowing in disappointment. Perhaps when you least expect it, an armadillo is going to sneak up behind you and start nibbling on your shoe.

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  2. Oh my gosh! πŸ˜‚β˜Ί I am momentarily speechless, you doolally. But yes I was laughing as I read it.
    I DID like the butterflies and the blue heron, and ostriches. Now the part about doubting your sanity …….Hmmm…!
    As for the cute,adorable puppies …. 😢🀚!

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          1. Oh yeah … me too!!! 🍷🍷 I’m so glad you’ve had a good time! I’ve never been to any of the State Parks, but my mother used to manage a resort hotel on South Padre Island and it was lovely there, though I would never wish to live there.

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    1. It was really good to meet him and his family.
      Don’t let him fool you. I didn’t whiiine about not seeing armadillos. I may have just rubbed it in a bit about how I hadn’t seen any. But if he wants to believe in mythical animals, thats fine with me. LOL!!

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