Georgetown Courthouse Christmas Lights

Georgetown at Christmas

Georgetown Texas is the county seat where I live and the county courthouse is usually decorated well for Christmas. I went down Christmas evening when there wouldn’t be much traffic and took some photos. Below is a two image panorama of the back side of the courthouse. I was across the street and my 24mm lens was not quite wide enough to take in the … Continue reading Georgetown at Christmas

Singapore Jubilee bridge at night

Sleepless Morning in Singapore

It was my first morning in Singapore. Fell asleep early the previous night from the long series of flights and was wide awake at 3:00AM. After a while I decided to just get dressed and go out for a walk. I ended up down by the waterfront as it is very scenic. It was also incredibly humid and I fought with haze and lens fogging … Continue reading Sleepless Morning in Singapore

Milky Way in the night sky at Colorado Bend State Park

Dark Night at Colorado Bend State Park

Friday night I went back to one of my favorite places: Colorado Bend State Park in Texas. It is to the West of the Austin area, and well isolated. You can’t even get a cell phone signal out there, which is nice. I have been there before shooting the waterfalls and the night sky. On a clear moonless night, there is almost no light pollution … Continue reading Dark Night at Colorado Bend State Park