Super Trees

When I was in Singapore, I wanted to visit the Supertree Grove after sunset and try to get some HDR pictures of the trees all lit up. I hiked over to this area carrying my tripod. Along the way, I stopped at the flower dome and as it approached sunset, I walked around the Supertree Grove to scout out some good places for photos.

I took this just before sunset. The sky was very overcast, so there wasn’t much color or definition to the sky, but you do get some of downtown in the background. I applied de-hazing quite a bit in Lightroom. It was also a bit breezy, so I had to use de-ghosting when merging the three images. The bright pink flowers in the foreground turned out nicely.

Singapore Super Trees in HDR

In the next shot, I tried to get the Marina Bay building framed by two of the Supertrees. I probably didn’t apply enough de-ghosting for the people on the skywalk.

Singapore Super Trees in HDR

These next two images are well into twilight, when the sky still just had enough light that the Supertree grove didn’t totally overwhelm the image. You can see the large Singapore Flyer ferris wheel far in the background.

Singapore Super Trees in HDR

Singapore Super Trees in HDR

I did find it difficult getting everything in to the frame. A wider lens would have been nice. A fun HDR exercise.

Singapore is a very walkable city and I sure put a lot of miles on my shoes there. Thanks for reading.

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