Sleepless Morning in Singapore

It was my first morning in Singapore. Fell asleep early the previous night from the long series of flights and was wide awake at 3:00AM. After a while I decided to just get dressed and go out for a walk. I ended up down by the waterfront as it is very scenic. It was also incredibly humid and I fought with haze and lens fogging quite a bit.

This photo is looking across the water towards downtown and Merlion Park. I loved the beautiful milky reflection of the Esplanade bridge in the water. In the distance you can just make out the Merlion statue.

Singapore Jubilee bridge at night

You may be asking what a Merlion is. It is half mermaid, half lion of course, and it is a symbol of Singapore. In the day, it shoots water out of its mouth, but not at 5:00AM.

Singapore merlion statue at night

I walked around a bit, waiting for the sun rise, but I began to see lighting in the western sky and it became increasingly cloudy. I stuck it out to see what the clouds would do. I took this photo facing south across the water to downtown. The wind began to die down and I was able to get some reflections of the buildings.

Singapore skyline reflected at dawn

Across the water, facing west, there is a large iconic structure. I think it is called the Marina Bay. I was hoping for a more dramatic sunrise, but the clouds were thickening and it was beginning to rain.

Singapore marina bay reflected at dawn

So, I had to pack up my camera and head back to the hotel. I will be out and about in the afternoon to see what I can see.

3 thoughts on “Sleepless Morning in Singapore

  1. I can imagine your sleep would be messed up with the time change. Of course I hear that yummy latte’s hinder sleep too!
    Sorry you didn’t get your dramatic sunrise but like the picture with the dark clouds. 🙂

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