Silhouette of a tree at twilight at Inks Lake Texas


I have been in a quest to understand what makes a good landscape photo. One thing that comes up every where I look is simplicity, or a lack of unnecessary objects in the composition. This could be wayward power lines, tree branches, trash, whatever clutters up a photograph and detracts from the composition. I started looking at my landscape photos with this in mind so … Continue reading Simplicity

Inks Lake sunset in HDR

Back to Inks Lake State Park

I set out on an unsuccessful trip to Enchanted Rock State Nature Area for hiking and photography in the late afternoon, but when I got there the sign indicated that the park was full and I wouldn’t be allowed in. This park often fills up on the weekend and I didn’t know if I would get in so I had Inks Lake as my backup … Continue reading Back to Inks Lake State Park

Fall colors in Austin Texas reflected in pond

In Search of Fall Color in Austin

In Central Texas, we don’t really get much of a fall foliage season. Half the trees, like Live Oak and Juniper, don’t even lose their leaves in the Fall. But, I did manage to see a little bit of fall color near where I work in Austin.  So, the next day I planned to bring my camera with me and walk around at lunch and … Continue reading In Search of Fall Color in Austin

Penang Malaysia waterfront at dawn

A Few More From Singapore and Penang

I have a few more photos from my travels to Singapore and Malaysia that I like and want to share. Singapore Flower Dome In Singapore, near the Supertree Grove, there is a Flower Dome and a Cloud Forest enclosed garden space. I spent some time going through the flower dome. Below is a picture walking along the flower dome from the outside. I attempted to … Continue reading A Few More From Singapore and Penang

Singapore Jubilee bridge at night

Sleepless Morning in Singapore

It was my first morning in Singapore. Fell asleep early the previous night from the long series of flights and was wide awake at 3:00AM. After a while I decided to just get dressed and go out for a walk. I ended up down by the waterfront as it is very scenic. It was also incredibly humid and I fought with haze and lens fogging … Continue reading Sleepless Morning in Singapore