Wings Over Houston, part 2

Also at the air show there was a world war two display by the commemorative air force. They maintain and fly a variety of aircraft from that era including some Japanese planes. So they performed a sort of re-enactment of the Pearl Harbor bombing with smoke generators and pyrotechnics on the airfield. This made for cool show and some nice photo opportunities.

Below are some decent shots of a couple of the air planes flying low:

Below are some photos of the air planes flying low with the explosions being set off on the ground. The airplanes were also producing smoke to looks as if they had taken damage. You can see the waviness in the air from the heat of the explosions. I thought about digitally removing all of the people from the photo, but that seemed too much like work.

Below is one of my favorite shots showing the wings of the planes and the rings of smoke in the sky.

A few other planes came out from later in the war after the main demonstration was over.

I shot all of these with the D750. I found that the auto-focus on the D750 did a much better job of catching these planes in action than my Z50. Or maybe it is me not knowing how to properly use the auto-focus on the Z50 as I usually shoot stationary objects. What ever the explanation is, the D750 with the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 quickly found and lock focus on the airplanes racing across the air field.

Thanks for reading.

11 thoughts on “Wings Over Houston, part 2

  1. Beautiful shots, and dramatic, too. As I understand it, it was more dangerous to be in the aircrew of a combat plane, than it was to be in the infantry, during WWII. I think I’d rather keep my feet on the ground.

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    1. Seemed like a rough time all the way around.

      I would not want to be on a ship as if this sinks there is no where to go but in the sea.

      Airplanes get shot out of the air, and I personally feel like fighting from miles in the air detaches you from the reality of the bloody violence of the war.

      I do enjoy the aircraft, but I am glad the war is over.

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      1. Yeah, what a nightmare to have your ship sinking hundreds of miles from any shore or help. Submarine duty would have scared the hell out of me, but if you want detachment, that might be the best way to fight in a war.

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